Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's new in ApprovalTests.Net v3.7

[Available on Nuget]

AsyncApprovals - rules and exceptions

[Contributors: James Counts]
In the end, all tests become synchronous. This means for a normal test we recommend
However, If you are looking to test exceptions everything changes and you might want to use

Removed BCL requirement

[Contributors: James Counts &  Simon Cropp]
HttpClient is nice way of doing web calls in .Net. Unfortunately, at this time the BCL in nuget does unfortunate things to your project if you do not wish to use the HttpClient. 
This is a violation of a core philosophy of approvaltests 

"only pay for the dependencies you use

HttpClient was add ApprovalTests 3.6. Thanks to Simon for pointing and troubleshooting this error. It has now been removed. 

Wpf Binding Asserts

[Contributors: Jay Bazuzi]
This is a bonus from v3.6
It is a very hard thing to detect and report Wpf Binding Error. To even get the reports to happen you have to fiddle with the registry and then read and parse logs.
No More!  Now to you use BindsWithoutError to ensure that your Wpf binding are working.