Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Complete Unit Testing

Today I had a conversation with @WoodZuill where an extremely rare situation came up. A situation where you can practice TDD with Completeness of the possible user scenarios.

I vBlogged my thoughts here:

I'm using the LegacyApprovals package (which I wrote, download below)  here to test every combination of the possible parameters.

It's worth pointing out this is NOT what the LegacyApprovals package was actually made for. It's design to test a lot of cases, but not every case.

Approval Tests (Legacy Approvals is part of the standard ApprovalTest download.)
Note: In C# it's ApprovalTests.Combinations.Approvals.ApproveAllCombinations()
        In Java it's org.approvaltests.legacycode.LegacyApprovals.approve()

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Jimmy Bosse said...

Loving the treadmill screencast. You should call it TTDD. Treadmill Test Driven Development.