Friday, April 27, 2012

What’s new in ApprovalTests.Net v.19?

This is a relatively small release, only 2 real changes.
  1. EmailApprovals
  2. Better Rdlc Syntax

Email Verification

Almost every site sends some sort of email. These have been hard to test, usually requiring some sort of email to be actually sent. Now you can simply say:
EmailApprovals.Verify(new MailMessage())

This is particularly nice with a


As it will open in your desktop email client (like outlook, not gmail) making it very easy to see the results. If you’ve given up on desktop clients, you can grab one from
I made a video about it here:

Verifying Email

Better Rdlc Support

Previously, if you wanted to approve a Rdlc report with multiple data sources you had to use Tuples, which got a bit annoying. In this release I am taking advantage of the anonymous enumerator syntax. The result is

   1:  RdlcApprovals.VerifyReport(reportname, assembly,
   2:        new DataPairs() { { "DataSet1", model1 }, {"CompanyAddress",model2} });


   1:   RdlcApprovals.VerifyReport(reportname, assembly,
   2:        new Tuple<string,object>( "DataSet1", model1), new Tuple<string,object>("CompanyAddress", model2);

Again, there is a video of this here:

Verifying Rdlc Reports

Happy Testing!

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