Saturday, May 19, 2012

Testing Views in Asp.Mvc

For many years, the views (the html returned from an rendered MVC controller) were an extremely difficult thing to test. Like many unreachable things, they were declared “not worth it” and ignored.

Until now,
with ApprovalTests we have created a “simple” way to test the rendered output of a view.  I say “simple” because there is a fair amount of overhead for the 1st test, which means we wanted to give you some resources to get it working for yourself.

I created a short video tutorial, and Jim Counts put together a fabulous 3 part blog + Sample Code.

Now you can decide for yourself how important it is to test the views.

Video :

Blog :

Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Working with Data
Part 3 – Tackling the Build Server


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