Saturday, July 14, 2012

What’s new in Java ApprovalTests v.011

Today I Released ApprovalTests for Java v.011. Here's what new:

Approvals.Approve()  => Approvals.Verify()

I finally got around to fixing an early mistake in my naming convention.  Approvals.Approve() is now deprecated, and Approvals.Verify() is the new way to verify your result.

Mac OsX Diff Reporter Support

To help support my friends on the Mac Side, I have added a whole bunch of reporters for them. Including:
  • DiffMergeReporter
  • KaleidoscopeDiffReporter
  • TkDiffReporter
What do you need to do to use these? Nothing, the regular DiffReporter will cascade appropriately to find the right one on you machine.

Machine Dependent Testing

If you have multiple environments, which render things differently,  you can now use the line
 NamerFactory.asMachineSpecificTest(new OsEnvironmentLabeller());

Which will add the machine OS as part of the approved & received file name. 

For Example:  ClassName.MethodName.Mac_OS_X.approved.txt

This will allow you different Golden Masters for different Environments.

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